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A Discussion With Extreme Dialogue

March 5, 2015

We spoke with Rachel Briggs, Christianne Boudreau, and Daniel Gallant of Extreme Dialogue, about their campaign to reduce the appeal of extremism among young people and offer a positive alternative to the increasing amounts of extremist material and propaganda available on the Internet and social media platforms.

Please visit Extreme Dialogue's website to learn more, watch Christianne and Daniel's videos, or participate:

You can learn more about Rachel and her work at: the Institute for Strategic Dialogue

Christianne is involved in:
Hayat Canada, a family counseling and outreach program for relatives and friends of persons involved in radical Islamic groups or on the path of a violent Islamic radicalization, including those traveling to Syria and other civil war battlefields.


Mothers for Life, a unique global network of mothers who have experienced violent jihadist radicalization in their own families.

Learn more about Daniel and his work at his website. You can also read his blog here: scholarsfromtheunderground